Alex is running for Central Committee because he believes our local Democratic Party should embody four key values:

Transparency: The Democratic Party should conduct its business is a fashion that is easily followed by its voters in the 43rd District. It should be open and available to the public, should communicate consistently, and should work to ensure that members of the public are well aware of ongoing party operations.

Ethics: The Party, as conducted by the Central Committee, should ensure that its own by-laws are in accordance with established organizational best practices, and that they are followed rigorously. It should promote public servants of strong integrity as its candidates, and it should advocate high standards for local progressive leaders.

Accountability: The Democratic Party—now, more than ever—needs to engage the public to make sure that it’s addressing the priorities of the people. Central Committee members should be accessible by phone, email, and in public forums, and they should be regular participants in community events. The Committee needs to do a better job of publicizing its proceedings, and should proactively dismiss members who are not committed to service.

Inclusiveness: All Democrats should be reflected in the Central Committee’s activities, regardless of race, age, religion, sexual orientation and identity, disability, sex, or national origin. The Central Committee should reach out to every community in our city to ensure constant motion toward the ideal of a more progressive party.

What is the Baltimore City Democratic Central Committee?

The Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee is the unpaid, elected local leadership of the Democratic Party. Each legislative district has seven elected members who serve for four-year terms Altogether, there are 42 Central Committee members in Baltimore City.

The Central Committee is charged with a variety of tasks that are vitally important to the growth of the progressive movement. One of these is enlarging the community of eligible voters and soliciting their opinions on important issues. Another is ensuring that Democratic candidates are successfully elected to local and state offices. The Central Committee in each district is also responsible for selecting a replacement whenever there is a vacancy for State Delegate or State Senator, which is done by a majority vote.

In the past year, Central Committee members filled 6 vacancies for Delegate and Senator in Baltimore City.